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Everything you need for... Dominate Follicle Reduction

Dominate Follicle Reduction Handy Hints Ovum Pick Up

We've got everything you need to perform Dominate Follicle Reduction. See below for all the necessary products:

1. Stainless Steel Rod for Short-Needle OPU (DI-0156/ROD)

2. IVF-OPU Needles - 22G or 18G (DI-0144 or DI-0145)

3. OPU Tubing 50' Roll (DI-0159)

4. Luer Fittings - Barbed for OPU (DI-0158)

5. DFR Aspiration Adaptor (DI-0164)

6. Syringe 10cc LS (DI-0061)

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