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Pet Trolley Assembly Instructions


Tools Needed: Philips Head Screwdriver

  • Undo stretcher on the short edges of the frame.
  • Connect stretcher frames by sliding them together.
  • Firmly tighten screws on the outside edge of the frame where both pieces intersect.
  • Attach wheel axle to rear outside edge of frame.
  • Firmly tighten large wingnuts to wheel axle.
  • Reattach stretcher by wrapping around short edge of frame and affixing to hook-and-loop fastener patches.
  • Slide eye screws into the top of the frame opposite the wheel axle.
  • Firmly tighten small wingnuts to eye screws.
  • Fold stretcher over long edge of frame and connect straps by threading through plastic buckles.
  • Slide small washers over rear axle. Slide wheels onto rear axle.
  • Slide large washer over rear axle on outside of each wheel.
  • Insert pin through rear axle on outside of each wheel.
  • Clip pull-strap to front eye screws.

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