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Everything you need for ... Brazilian-Style Aspiration

Brazilian-Style Aspiration Handy Hints Ovum Pick Up

We've got everything you need to perform "Brazilian-Style" Oocyte Aspiration. See below for all the necessary products:

1. Stainless Steel Rod for Short-Needle OPU (DI-0156/ROD)

2. Brazilian 2-Piece Short Needle Fitting (DI-0156/BRAZILIAN)

3. 18G Needle for OPU (DI-0207/10)

4. Brazilian-Style Tubing (DI-0205)

5. Aspiration to Collection Tube Kit (DI-0152)

6. Aluminum Stopper with Leur Adaptor (DI-0216/Luer)

7. Corning 50 mL Centrifuge Tube (DCE-0031)

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