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Revive Microbial Probiotics

About Revive Microbial Probiotics

Revive™ Microbials are patent-pending, all natural probiotics which have been perfected over a 20 year period.  One of the top microbiologists in the field and a practicing dairy nutritionist combined efforts to create, test and develop the Revive™ line-up. They consist of specially chosen combinations of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and a specific type of concentrated yeast. 

In a healthy gut environment, intestinal villi absorb nutrients from the diet. In times of sickness or stress,  harmful bacteria are able to take over the villi. By introducing billions of desirable bacteria, they are able to out-compete and replace the harmful strains. This daily recolonization limits both the frequency and severity of stomach upsets. More importantly, it improves feed utilization. As a by-product of the breakdown of these beneficial bacteria, vitamin B12 is produced. Vitamin B12 is a natural appetite stimulant which encourages animals to eat.

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Revive™ Extra Bolus - 35 boluses/jar

Revive™ Neo Formula - 500 gram jar

Revive™ Neo Calf Bolus - 25 boluses/jar

Revive™ TMR - 4.54 kg Pail

Vet Only

Our Revive™ Microbial Probiotics are vet only products. Please note that our vet only products are exclusively available to veterinarians and authorized veterinary wholesalers (i.e. buying groups).