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About Us


Developing partnerships has been a key to Partnar Animal Health’s success. All people and companies have specific areas of knowledge and skills wherein they excel. By partnering with others, Partnar Animal Health has been able to access knowledge and capabilities far beyond that of which a small company on its own could be capable of.


Partnar is ideally suited to be the company veterinarian clinics call when a product is no longer available, on back order or a customized pharmaceutical is needed for a specialized case. Partnar commenced its own research and development program in 2006 and commissioned a purpose built sterile manufacturing suite in 2007. The first products flowing out of its research program was the emP3 Complete Embryo Transfer Media range.

Product Diversity

Partnar was initially focused on marketing products for bovine and equine embryo transfer in North America.  Now the product line has expanded to include items for In-Vitro Fertilization and Ovum Pick-up, Embryo Handling and IVF Laboratory Equipment. To support these market activities, the company has warehouses located in both Kansas City, Missouri and Ilderton, Ontario.

Previously Discontinued Products

In Canada, seeing opportunities arising from industry consolidation, the company broadened its market scope and began to register and market veterinary products that larger animal health companies had discontinued.  With this core of registered veterinary drugs, Partnar further expanded its product offering by partnering with other manufacturers looking for distribution in the Canadian market. As a result of the success Partnar has enjoyed by implementing these strategies, the company now boasts a sales force of four people covering Canada from coast to coast.