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Activated Charcoal Paste

Partnar Activated Charcoal Paste 80 mLPartnar Activated Charcoal Paste 300 mL

Veterinary Use Only

Activated Charcoal Paste contains activated hardwood charcoal, clay and certain electrolytes.

Active Ingredient:
Activated Hardwood Charcoal 100 mg/ml

May be used as an aid to neutralize gas-producing food combinations. Research has shown that activated charcoal is effective in counteracting the effects of certain oral toxins.


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Foals

300 mL and 80 mL tubes

NS-177  80 mL
NS-178  300 mL

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Vet Only

Please note that this product is a vet only product, which are exclusively available to veterinarians and authorized veterinary wholesalers (i.e. buying groups).