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Propylene Glycol

Partnar Propylene Glycol 4 LPartnar Propylene Glycol 20 L

Veterinary Use Only

Propylene Glycol is an aid in the treatment of acetonemia (ketosis) in cattle and sheep.
You can administer orally in the drinking water, in the grain ration or as a drench.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT _______________________________________________
Propylene Glycol USP 100%

TREATS  __________________________________________________________

  • Cattle
  • Sheep

PRESENTATION  ___________________________________________________
3.785 L & 20 L

CODES  ___________________________________________________________
PAH-035  3.785 L
PAH-034  20 L

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Vet Only

Please note that this product is a vet only product, which are exclusively available to
veterinarians and authorized veterinary wholesalers (i.e. buying groups).