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Our Probiotic Line Up Just Keeps Growing!

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After overwhelming success of the Revive™ products in Canada, we at Partnar have been working to bring two additional products to the market. We are very excited to announce that we have added a new probiotic calf bolus and a 1 kg TMR jar.

Our first new addition to the line up is the Revive™ Neo Calf Bolus, an individual probiotic package that contains a broad range of probiotic strains.  Specifically, it contains Pediococcus; a probiotic microbe that thrives in the low pH stomach of a calf. These boluses are ideal for the beef calf market, but are also just as successful in the dairy calf market.  

Each jar of Revive™ Neo Calf Boluses contain 25 - 4 gram boluses, with 6 billion CFU's per gram. The Revive™ Neo Calf Bolus is an excellent, non-antibiotic approach to normalizing the gut function of a calf. 

Our second addition is the Revive™ Extra TMR Starter Pack. This is a smaller (1 kg) version of the Revive Extra TMR Probiotic Powder.

Each jar contains 1 kg of the probiotic powder and 3.5 billion CFU's per gram. Use Revive™ Extra TMR to promote overall absorption of nutrients in your herd, enhance fibre and starch digestion and also works well as a toxin binder. 

Remember, a healthier gut allows for better nutrient absorption! Try Revive™ Extra TMR Today!


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